The highest quality food demands the highest quality wheat.
For 40 years, the world has depended on U.S. Wheat Associates to deliver the difference.

USW proudly represents the hard-working farm families that produce enough wheat every year to fill American tables, while still supplying a substantial share of world wheat trade.

USW promotes the reliability, quality and value of all six U.S. wheat classes to wheat buyers, millers, bakers, food processors and government officials in more than 100 countries around the world.

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Harvest Report

Weekly Harvest Report

Every Friday through the U.S. harvest season (May to October), U.S. Wheat Associates and its partner organizations compile a Harvest Report. It includes updates on crop quality, harvest progress and crop conditions for hard red winter, soft red winter, hard red spring, soft white and durum wheat.

Weekly Price Report

Every Friday, U.S. Wheat Associates compiles information from market sources, including U.S. wheat exporters of all classes from various U.S. ports. The prices represent the value of number two grade and the proteins indicated.

USW develops, maintains and expands international markets to enhance wheat’s profitability for U.S. wheat producers and its value for their customers.

U.S. farmers

produce about
1.9 Billion bushels of wheat every year.

The United States exports enough wheat

every year to fill a train
miles long from New Orleans, Louisiana, to Portland, Oregon.

Every year

it takes about
Panamax size cargo ships to deliver U.S. wheat around the world.

The world uses U.S. wheat

as an essential ingredient in more than
different types of food.

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